Case Study: Toyota Prius: Tenth Anniversary Event

Goal: To maximize the consumer and PR exposure utilizing social media to mobilize and stimulate the Prius enthusiast community while reinforcing Toyota's commitment to green initiatives. To expose consumers to 10 years of Prius in a meaningful way and to preview the new Prius PHV to key influencers.

Strategy: FILTER Creative Group conducted a Facebook contest coordinating all creative entries to find the most passionate Prius owner.  After the contest, FILTER Creative Group planned and organized a Toyota Prius 10th Anniversary Event to celebrate the winner and core enthusiasts. To highlight the various areas of interests for the passionate Prius consumer during the event, FILTER Creative Group partnered with WIRED, Outstanding in the Field, and to coordinate engaging Prius Lifestyle Workshops focusing on Eco/Sustainability, Technology, Art, Architecture, Music, Food, and Film.

Results: FILTER Creative Group successfully increased the overall awareness for the Prius Enthusiast Community of the 10th Anniversary of the auto via social media and a commemorative celebration, the overall Prius lifestyle, and the preview of two new upcoming Toyota Prius models.  The initiatives garnered over 193 million media impressions for the Facebook contest and 160 million for the event.

Case Study: Toyota Prius: Tenth Anniversary Event Case Study: Toyota Prius: Tenth Anniversary Event